Before P2000: Freezer would not keep ice cream frozen

After P2000: Temperature Now Easily Maintained Well Below 0º F

The Challenge
A contractor needed to re-insulate under a walk-in freezer. The freezer had extruded foam board under the concrete that had absorbed moisture to the point of saturation. As a result, the store owner had a difficult time keeping the freezer temperature at 0oF. To make matters worse, the saturated insulation subsequently froze when the freezer reached a temperature of 0º F and heaved the concrete floor, causing extensive cracking and break up. Now it would have to be repaired ….. this time properly.

The Solution
• Remove extremely heavy, saturated pink board
• Remove old concrete and mud as well as frozen and wet earth
• Install river rock to desired depth
• Install 3 layers of 1” RPR P2000 followed by 1 layer of 1” WPR P2000
• Install proper depth of concrete
• Install 1” RPR P2000 On Walls and ceiling followed by a layer of 1” WPR P2000

The Results
• Low freezer temperatures easily maintained
• “A Very Happy Store Owner”