How Goes P2000 Thermally Out Perform Fiberglass?

This is a question that satisfied customers have been asking about the P2000 insulation system.
P2000 appears to defy conventional logic that suggests a thicker insulated wall is a more thermally efficient wall. Or that an insulation with a higher R-value will always result in a more thermally efficient building envelope. However, certified laboratory testing verifies common heat transfer and building envelope design principles.

Comparing 1″ of P2000 to 6″ of fiberglass is like comparing apples to oranges

P2000 does have a material R-value, but that is not its main selling point. Measures resistance to heat flow. Although six inches of fiberglass may have a higher tested R-value, P2000 can outperform the fiberglass when installed in a building envelope. The reason is, while both insulations affect heat transfer, the fiberglass is resisting heat flow while P2000 is deflecting it. Simply stated, P2000 turns heat around and fiberglass collects it.

P2000 does not have any of the weaknesses that cause fiberglass to fail.

  • Fiberglass is typically used as a cavity insulation, losing heat through framing members via thermal bridging.
  • Fiberglass loses heat through air infiltration
  • Fiberglass loses its thermal resistance when introduced to moisture.
  • Fiberglass is very difficult to install properly due to irregular spacing of framing members, which can lead to compression and/or air gaps.

P2000 enhances the building envelope.

  • P2000 is a semi-rigid continuous insulation system that drastically reduces thermal bridging by covering structural framing members.
  • P2000 is a vapor barrier and blocks air, so heat is not lost via air infiltration.
  • P2000 can be soaked under water and experience no reduction in thermal performance.

Satisfied clients – our greatest complement!

The ultimate test is the thousands of clients who have used P2000 in their wall, floor or roofing systems with excellent results. It’s not about R-value about energy savings. P2000 never disappoints. It keeps proving its effectiveness, one client at a time.