“I constructed a new 1420 sq ft house this last winter (2007-08). Since this is a house I plan on staying in for a while, I decided to implement energy efficient features into the house design. This included a Geothermal heat pump, ICF Basement, and a new innovative wall system incorporating P2000 Insulation. The multi-layer wall consisted of an outer 2 x 4 wall (structural) filled with 3.5″ fibreglass, then a continuous layer of 5/8 P2000 Insulation on the inside (to act as a vapour barrier), with a further 2 x 3 inner wall with an empty cavity (with studs placed horizontally to simplify the installation of plumbing / electrical lines and eliminates penetration of the vapour barrier).

The ceiling construction will have 1″ P2000 in addition to fibreglass blow-in. However, I have currently installed only the P2000 to see just how well the product would perform (I even installed a meter on my Geothermal heating system to record it’s energy consumption).

Over the first four months of the year (Winter), my heating bills have averaged below $50 per month!

P2000 really did the job and I would recommend it to everyone.”

Ken Harmon – Altona, MB