Building: Block Wall Construction
Function: Workshop
Product: 1” P2000 WPR
Location: Saskatchewan
Test Year: 2007

Conventional thinking leads us to believe that foil faced insulations will only perform on the warm side of a concrete wall. However, P2000 has been installed successfully on the cold side of concrete walls in a variety of building structures with impressive results. In December of 2007, a test was conducted to verify the effectiveness of P2000 on the exterior of a block wall under winter conditions.

A 4’ x 8’ sheet of 1” WPR P2000 was applied to a section of block wall using minimal fasteners.The goal was to produce a side by side comparison between the insulated and bare wall portions using infrared thermal imaging to monitor wall temperature.

• Both exterior and interior temperature profiles indicate that the transfer of heat through the block wall was significantly reduced using only 1” P2000
• The exterior surface temperature of the P2000 sheet was approximately the same as the air, indicating minimal heat loss in this area. Conversely, the bare block wall was approximately 6 oC warmer than the air, indicating significant heat loss.
• The interior wall area opposite the P2000 is several degrees warmer than the bare block wall area. This indicates a significantly lower heat loss when P2000 is applied.
• The temperature between the P2000 and the block wall was approximately 12 oC higher than the surrounding wall temperature, indicating a substantial resistance to heat flow at the interface of the P2000 and the wall.