Building: Block Wall Construction
Function: Machine Shop
Product: 1” P2000 WPR
Location: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Test Year: 2007

In June of 2007, the owner of an auto supply company approached P2000 about options to insulate the new roofing system at their auto parts supply store. The success of that project led to a field trial of P2000 on a wall of the client’s machine shop building, which was a block wall construction.

1” WPR P2000 was applied to the upper portion of the block wall using minimal fasteners, with the lower portion left bare. The goal was to produce a side by side comparison between the insulated and bare wall portions using Infrared thermal imaging to monitor wall temperature.

• Both exterior and interior temperature profiles indicate that the transfer of heat through he block wall was significantly reduced with only 1” P2000
• Conversely, the un-insulated portion of the wall was several degrees cooler than the room on the inside, and several degrees warmer than the air on the outside. This indicates significant heat losses.