Outstanding Results Using Only P2000 … No Other Insulation

Client: Cooke’s Heating
Building: Wood Frame
Type of Heat: Forced Air Furnace
Location: New Brunswick, Canada
P2000 Contact: Richard Cormier
Year: 2006

Hazen Cooke was building a new, two storey, 32! x 40! office building and showroom for his heating service business. Being located in Eastern Canada, where winters are sometimes long and very cold, Mr. Cooke knew that the proper choice of insulation would be critical. He heard about P2000 Insulation at a Spring home show and was sold on its benefits.

P2000’s Approach
• 1” P2000 insulation was installed on the exterior walls of the entire building
• 3/8” P2000 insulation was applied to the downstairs ceilings
• 1” P2000 insulation was applied to the upstairs ceilings
• No other insulation was used in the building
• Downstairs walls were finished with sheetrock—right over the studs with empty cavities
• Sheetrock was applied directly over the P2000 on all ceilings
• Vinyl siding was applied to the exterior directly over the P2000 and nailed into wall studs

Customer Observations
• Building is warm and tight—no sign of drafts
• Furnace is running infrequently
• Cost $225/month to heat 2560 ft2 (2007)

“I am extremely pleased … P2000 is an amazing insulation product and I am already recommending it to others”