“As a contractor, I have a closet in which I store paints, stains, solvents, etc. to prevent from freezing during the winter months. A couple years ago, I lined the closet with blue foam and kept a light bulb on all the time to keep it from freezing. I found that a 100-watt light bulb barely kept it warm enough to keep things from freezing. When I heard about P2000, I was anxious to try it before I used it for my customers. So I thought I would give it a test run in my paint closet. I replaced the blue foam with P2000 and came back a couple days later. The temperature was over 90 degrees! I put in a 60-watt bulb – and it was still too warm to store my supplies. Now I am using a 40-watt bulb and it keeps the cabinet at a consistent 70 plus degrees.”

Dan Arsenault – Building Contractor Baie Verte, NB