“During January of 2007, we renovated the 3rd floor of our older home. As part of the renovations we were insulating the space, and decided to use the P2000 Insulation System. We used 1” P2000 for both the walls and the ceiling, with it as the only form of insulation in the walls and ceiling over empty cavities.

We are happy with the results. The area was very warm during the winter, and this last week has been the hottest this summer, but not in our house. The house is cool and sleeping on the 3rd floor is like sleeping in a tent…..without the heat!

The contractor that installed the P-2000 was very pleased with the ease of the install and that they did not have to wear protective gear like they do with fiberglass. We are very pleased with the results so far.”

Rob LeClair & Maureen Flanagan – PEI