“In July of 2007, due to a leakage problem, we had the roof replaced on our building at 242 River St. West (8800 sq ft) and at our machine shop building at 404 High St. West (3500 sq ft).

We went with a liner style roofing material (like an industrial pool liner), which offers an insignificant R-Value therefore we chose to use P2000. The P2000 was installed over the existing roofing and then the liner style roofing material was installed.

Although it is difficult to calculate any differences in energy savings from day to day or month-to-month, because of variables such as temperature, reading dates, estimated useage, etc., we have tracked as closely as possible and have determined that the savings in gas consumption from March to October are as follows: 242 River St. West 29% less, and 20% less at 404 high St. West.

We do not have air conditioning at the River St. location, but during the hot weather, it stayed much cooler than in the past. Glen and Vic have also advised me that according to environment Canada, the average temperature during the past winter was lower. This is a huge saving that will go on for years.

Are we happy we used P2000? What do you think?”
Ritchie – York Auto Supply Co. – Moose Jaw, SK