“Last spring, 2005, I installed 5/8″ P2000 Insulation on my 2500 sq. ft. cathedral style roof. We removed the existing shingles, installed P2000, strapped over the P2000 and installed metal roofing.

When the hot weather arrived, I noticed that my air conditioner ran very infrequently. When it did turn on, it was for a very short period of time. Prior to installing P2000, my budget for electric heating and air conditioning was $375 per month. In October of 2005 I received a letter from Ontario Hydro stating that my monthly budget had been reduced to $325. Two months later I received another letter telling me that my monthly payments had been further reduced to $275. In late March I received a third letter explaining that my energy consumption was significantly lower than previous years and that I need not pay Ontario Hydro anything for the next two months.

Thanks to P2000 it seems that my energy costs will be approximately 50% of the previous year”

Richard Cullen, Keewatin, Ontario