Allied Systems Inc., was recently employed to suggest ways to lower gas consumption in an old farmhouse.
The uninsulated house consumed a total of 200.5 therms (therm=one million BTU) of input. At $16.00 per MCF this calculated out to $3,768.00 for 2006-2007 heating season.

The house was insulated with P2000. All ceilings were insulated along with some readily accessible walls and floors over uninsulated crawl spaces. The installation was done last fall, before the start of the heating season. The total gas required to heat the house for last winter was 132.75 therms at an approximate cost of $2498.00 for a one year savings of $1,270.00.

Also the P2000 was much easier to work with than the traditional fiberglass products..We will continue to recommend this product to our customers”

Dan Cleer – President, Allied Systems Inc.