Our Story

At Proactive Technology our mission is to design, produce and distribute eco-friendly, energy-efficient building products to the world community.

Our work is driven by the belief that all people deserve access to the most innovative and technologically advanced ways of saving energy. We envision a future where leading edge products are available at an affordable price. Our global team educates consumers on an integrated building approach - this way our clients are not only wiser and more comfortable, they are also empowered.

Our flagship product, the P2000 Insulation System, was acquired from the family of the late inventor, Ed “E.T.” Thevenot. E.T. had a steel frame building business but quickly discovered that the structures were hard to insulate -nothing could overcome the physics of thermal bridging not to mention wind, moisture and radiation. Then one day over coffee, E.T. noticed that a simple foam cup seemed to address most of these issues. So he experimented, ran countless tests, and came up with a new, revolutionary product. To this day, Proactive Technology continues to improve P2000’s performance and efficiency. In fact, the owner RW Smith is an inventor himself, creating and conceptualizing many of our current products, with many more in the pipeline.

Our current products include:

P2000 insulation - a specially formulated expanded polystyrene with reflective plastic facers that delivers energy savings and interior comfort in all kinds of weather conditions. We also offer a simpler version named P1000: “The Economizer”

Radiance is an ultra-thin, electric radiant home heating system that is so efficient, it could replace your existing furnace. It works on infrared technology, meaning that objects are warmed, not the air, so you stay comfortable and heat is not lost toward the ceiling. That’s why we tag it “warm and fuzzy all under”.

P2Panels are extremely durable High Density Polyethylene sheets that are easy to clean, resistive to bacteria growth, and have an FDA approval for food handling areas. They will not rust, corrode, swell, rot, or absorb moisture, making them a clear choice for agriculture.

P2Panes are custom built, removable acrylic inserts that attach magnetically to the inside of any shape, size, or style of window. They control condensation, provide excellent soundproofing, are shatter resistant, and easy to handle – so they can be re-moved in seconds.

Insul-Channel is specifically designed as a cavity fill insulation incorporating all the benefits of P2000, with an added air space to get maximum efficiency in floor joist applications, incline-roof rafters, and under radiant floor heating systems.

Aspen Aerogel is the best performing thermal insulation on the market. The silica aerogel is combined with reinforced nanofibers to create an ultra-thin felt with a Class A fire rating, a huge application temperature range, and is both hydrophobic and breathable.

Proactive Technology is dedicated to educating the public about energy efficiency, the benefits of building envelopes, and how each element performs in the overall system. We are continually striving to manufacture the best products, and bring them affordably to market.

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