New Home – Radiant Floor Heat
“When I built my new home, I wanted to be sure I went the extra mile to properly insulate my home. Because my house is built on a mountainside, I wanted extra protection from the wind and cold and chose P2000 to insulate the exposed front wall of the house. That wall has proven to be the warmest wall in the house and I regret that I did not use it on the rest of the walls.

I have worked with other sheet insulation products, but P2000 really impressed me how easy it was to work with. Its seaming system seals sheets together tight and secure, blocking out the wind and cold. What an improvement over taping foam boards together.

As for its insulating performance, I am extremely pleased. I used P2000 to insulate under my radiant floor slab. The men that installed it commented how easy it was to work with because it sealed together and did not break when they walked on it. When the day came to start my in-floor heating system, my heating technician explained that the boiler would have to run 16-24 hours continuously to bring the slab up to temperature. When the boiler ran only 11-12 hours, we thought something was wrong – but everything was fine. P2000 insulation had made the difference and my heating technician was absolutely amazed. My home is approximately 1650 sq ft of ground floor area – and much of that are cathedral ceilings. We keep the temperature at about 25 degrees and the cost for heat and hot water for my family of 4 for the 2004-2005 heating season was approximately $1350.”
D. Scheiffer – Southampton, NS