The P2000 System enabled this home to exceed Energuide Predictions

Building: Residential 2×6 Wood Frame
Type of Heat: Geo-Thermal
Product: 1” RPR P2000
Location: Manitoba, Canada
Year: 2005

Jim Suderman was building a new family home. He wanted his home to be energy efficient, and his background in engineering prompted him to thoroughly research his options for heating/cooling as well as insulation. The original insulating concept was designed around conventional methods for producing an energy efficient home. But Jim wanted to go even further and after a thorough investigation, he decided to incorporate P2000 into the insulation system for the home.

The Insulation Package
• Ceiling: 1” P2000 plus R40 blown in on top
• Walls: R-20 White Fibreglass plus 1” P2000 over exterior plywood sheathing
• Basement: ICF foundation with 1” P2000 under floor
• Garage: 1” P2000 only (no cavity insulation)

Remarkable Thermal Performance:
• Energuide efficiency test performed by Manitoba Hydro rated the home at a remarkable 86 (excellent)
• R-2000 ratings target a minimum score of 80
• Energy consumption for heating was 32% lower than Energuide projection
• Overall energy consumption for both cooling and heating was 20% less than projected in the Energuide report.
• Energuide technician recognized P2000 as an R-5 for the computer report …. Could he