“We would like to tell you that we are very happy we used P2000 Insulation to insulate our basement. The basement is much more comfortable than it ever was. We always found it very cool downstairs but now it is much warmer and we have not changed anything with the heating. In fact, since we insulated the basement, our power bill has been consistently less than the same month last year. We installed the 5/8” reflective on both sides type. We applied it to the bare concrete wall using an adhesive and sealed the self-adhesive seams like you told us and found it very easy to install. We have also noticed that this year there has been no snow melting around the foundation wall around the house. In previous years, the snow used to melt away about 8 inches from the wall. This proves to us just how much heat is not getting out anymore and that P2000 Insulation is really working. Next year, we expect to build a new garage, and we definitely intend on using P2000 to insulate it.”

Roger and Kathy Eisan, – Sussex Corner, N.B.