Gilles Barbarie of G.B. Construction of Platagenet, Ontario first saw P2000 when he was asked to install it in a new barn project for farmer Marcel DeGroot. “I didn’t believe that such a thin insulation could do all it claimed” but Mr. DeGroot had done his homework and insisted on using P2000. “When I saw the results – I was amazed” says Barbarie. “The new barn with one-inch P2000 insulation did better over the winter than the older barn that had 8 inches of fiberglass.” Mr. DeGroot is very pleased he went with P2000, saying that his new barn is warmer in the winter and noticeably cooler in the summer.

Based on the success at the DeGroot barn, Barbarie was hired to install P2000 Insulation with vinyl siding on a neighboring home. Barbarie said “when I spoke to the customer the following spring, he told me that he had saved a minimum of one-third off his heating bill. Barbarie, a contractor with 25 years building and renovation experience, says “I am now convinced that P2000 is an excellent product and I don’t only recommend it, I plan to use it in the homes I build for customers.”

Gilles Barbarie – G.B. Construction Plategenet, Ontario