“My son-in-law was building a home theatre in his basement. I convinced him to use P2000 on the project on the exterior walls of the 12’ x 24’ room. My purpose was to get some hands on knowledge in a field application.

The application of P2000 proved to be considerably less time consuming than installing rock-wool batts and polyethylene vapor barrier. The additional four inches of room was noted and welcomed when compared to 2 x 4 walls. The actual savings of energy loss was not scientifically determined due to lack of scientific instrumentation.

I can report that prior to the theatre room retrofitting procedure, two five inch air ducts were required to heat the room. After the 5/8” P2000 was installed, the heating ducts were plugged because the heat from the light bulbs in the room is all that is required for heating to 72 degrees.

I will continue to monitor the installation for a couple of years and report any further observations to you.”

L.W. Johnston P.Eng, Bac, M.E. — Regina, Saskatchewan