“At Eastern Illini, we had been looking for an insulation system that would help our members reduce their utility bills and increase their comfort. We required a product that would be easy to install in walls (behind siding), basements, crawl spaces, foundations, & attics.

We have found such a product in your P2000. Our members have installed it in all the above-mentioned areas and are extremely pleased with the overall results. It has also helped make old, drafty houses more comfortable by stopping air and moisture infiltration.

Another thing that is very apparent with P2000 is, it makes existing insulation more effective and works where other insulation won’t.

We now have many building contractors and re-modeller installing P2000 for our members. To our knowledge, there is no other insulation system that compares with the performance of P2000. To everyone, we highly recommend the installation of P2000.

Thank you for introducing P2000 to us. It is an incredible product that addresses all of the issues we face in helping our members become more energy efficient in east central Illinois.”

Bob Dickey – Paxton, I