Utilizing P2000 Insulation in My New Home Construction

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“Recently, I built a new home (1000 sq feet main floor with open upstairs studio). We insulated walls and ceilings with P2000 and find the home to be more comfortable than what I have come to expect from using conventional fibre insulation batting.  I realized how well the insulation was working when earlier this winter I went away for a few days. When I left, the home was at 70 degrees– and when I returned 3 days later, it was still at 60 degrees.  As for the critics who are saying that P2000 would only perform at R – 4, all I know is that this house is quite warm and comfortable. I like using P2000 and plan to use it in future projects.”

R. Cann – Building Contractor Greenwich, N.S.

P2000 Isulates Newly Renovated School

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“We bought and moved our factory into a former school building in March 2006. The building is 20,500 sq ft. in size, of which 14,000 is heated, the balance is cold warehouse storage. We have installed 1 inch P2000 to most of the ceiling in the heated area, and as the two photos show, there is an extreme difference where the P2000 has been installed (left photo). These photos were taken just minutes apart. The photo on the right is of the uninsulated area. We have had a lot of snow this winter, as you can see. The last snowfall was about two weeks before these photos were taken.

With the P2000 on the ceiling and a new energy efficient heating system, we have cut our heating costs by two-thirds, a significant part of that being the P2000. Installation is so easy, we used a spray adhesive to hold the sheets in place and then added a few screws. All of the installation was done by myself and three of my female employees.

We needed to replace 33 ft of exterior wall in which we also used 1in. P2000. The wall is a 2 x 4 frame with metal siding on the exterior, inside is 1 inch P2000 and 1/2 in gyproc. This is the warmest wall in the whole building. This is a fantastic product. We are so impressed, our company has become a sales outlet for P2000″.
Q Weinberger – Canora SK

Using P2000 Insulation Made My New Home Efficient

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“I am writing today to tell you how happy we are with the P2000 product. I will admit to being wary at first.

We used 5/8″ P2000 throughout our house. It is under our basement floor, on the inside of all our walls, on the top 2 floors, and on the ceiling. I will add it wasn’t used on the basement walls, as we have an ICF foundation and there is no need for extra insulation.

We have gone through our first winter and we could not be happier. The ceiling, as I mentioned above, is covered with 5/8″ P2000 Insulation. Because of time constraints, the blown in insulation has not yet been done.

I should add that we have a geothermal heating system and burn no oil or wood. We do use some electricity and this past winter our total electricity bill averaged $250 per month. We figured we heated the house for about $150 per month. Heat rises and there is 5/8″ P2000 between the heated part of our home and the outdoor cold temperatures in our attic. The house temperature was set at 68 – 70 degrees all winter. I should also add we are heating about 2850 square feet.

We are extremely happy. We can show you the pictures and the electric bills. Thank you for a great product.”

Garth & Anne Dixon – PEI

The P2000 Insulation System is Perfect for Insulating Homes

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“At Eastern Illini, we had been looking for an insulation system that would help our members reduce their utility bills and increase their comfort. We required a product that would be easy to install in walls (behind siding), basements, crawl spaces, foundations, & attics.

We have found such a product in your P2000. Our members have installed it in all the above-mentioned areas and are extremely pleased with the overall results. It has also helped make old, drafty houses more comfortable by stopping air and moisture infiltration.

Another thing that is very apparent with P2000 is, it makes existing insulation more effective and works where other insulation won’t.

We now have many building contractors and re-modeller installing P2000 for our members. To our knowledge, there is no other insulation system that compares with the performance of P2000. To everyone, we highly recommend the installation of P2000.

Thank you for introducing P2000 to us. It is an incredible product that addresses all of the issues we face in helping our members become more energy efficient in east central Illinois.”

Bob Dickey – Paxton, I

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