Energy Efficient Home Design Includes “Green” P2000 Insulation

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“As a supplier of Green Build & Energy Efficient building products, we had chosen P2000 for the ceilings and crawlspace for a Solarium Home in Ferry, PA. This home was tested by Energy Star and received an astonishing HERS rating of 49 and is documented as the most energy efficient home ever tested un PA, NJ, NY, DEL. This firm has done the blower test on more than 20,000 homes.”

Tony E. Lynch – Portland, PA

P2000 Insulation Increased the Comfort Level In The Basement Theatre Room

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“My son-in-law was building a home theatre in his basement. I convinced him to use P2000 on the project on the exterior walls of the 12’ x 24’ room. My purpose was to get some hands on knowledge in a field application.

The application of P2000 proved to be considerably less time consuming than installing rock-wool batts and polyethylene vapor barrier. The additional four inches of room was noted and welcomed when compared to 2 x 4 walls. The actual savings of energy loss was not scientifically determined due to lack of scientific instrumentation.

I can report that prior to the theatre room retrofitting procedure, two five inch air ducts were required to heat the room. After the 5/8” P2000 was installed, the heating ducts were plugged because the heat from the light bulbs in the room is all that is required for heating to 72 degrees.

I will continue to monitor the installation for a couple of years and report any further observations to you.”

L.W. Johnston P.Eng, Bac, M.E. — Regina, Saskatchewan

P2000 Insulation Installed in a Turkey Barn

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“We installed P2000 in our 24,000 square foot turkey barn. We were impressed with how easy the product was to handle. Installation was virtually problem free. Our 400 x 600 barn was finished quickly with a small crew.

We chose to install the white side facing down. The lighting benefits were obvious, not to mention the moisture control. In those hot summer months, the litter was kept much drier. The humidity control due to the insulation resulted in us having to bed straw less often and still have nice clean birds.”

Todd Clarke, – Esterhazy, SK

P2000 Insulation Reduced My Cooling Costs On My Meat Freezer Box Truck

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“We used 1” WPR to line an 8’ x 24’ freezer truck box in our meat locker. We had to run our refrigerator unit almost continually in 50 degree weather to get it down to 0 degrees. After lining it with P2000 the temperature, the freezer goes down to 0 degrees in about 30 minutes. We saved 50% on our cooling costs last winter.”

David Stoltzfus – Wisconsin, USA

P2000 Insulation Made Our New Log Home Cozy

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“We installed the P2000 Insulation product in our new 2,300 sq. ft. log home this past fall. We have been pleased with the results on three fronts. It is very easy to handle and install, replacing the need for strapping and vapour barrier (this is of particular value on steep pitch cathedral ceilings which can be difficult using conventional methods of insulating), also, the “R” factor seems to perform well, and the service provided by the P2000 rep. was great. Our builders and plumber noticed how little the furnace came on this winter, due to heat retention, which we attribute in part, to this insulation.”

Jason & Anne Inman, PEI

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