P2000 makes for healthier homes and buildings. It does not support mold growth; does not “off-gas” harmful chemicals; does not release harmful airborne particles and P2000 provides versatility for new construction and retro-fits, wood frame, steel, concrete structures and all agriculture buildings.


Wood frame, steel frame, concrete block, poured concrete, concrete tilt-up panels


Flat or vaulted ceilings, can be applied under trusses or rafters


Installs over purlins, over roof decks, and under steel roofing


Under concrete, under radiant heat floors, over concrete slabs

Below Grade

For pipes, utility lines, water & sewer lines, and foundations

Agriculture and Commercial/Industrial

HVAC-ductwork, truck bodies, refrigerated storage, radon barrier, vapor barrier

Other Applications

HVAC-ductwork, truck bodies, refrigerated storage, radon barrier, vapor barrier

P2000 is a high performance insulation system designed to address all three types of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiation.

The P2000 Insulation System™ combines thermal reflective technology with the high insulating properties of a specially formulated EPS foam core. This complete building system delivers remarkable energy savings and interior comfort in extreme temperature conditions.

  • High resistance to moisture, making it an effective insulator even when wet.
  • Effective air and vapor barrier with its unique double seal flap.
  • Acts as a thermal break in walls, ceilings and floors – in one extremely thin layer.
  • Light weight, easy to install, and offers long-term stability. It will not sag, settle or deteriorate over time.